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HANGAR49 is a business development company.  We partner with venture teams to help take their products to market.  Our focus is outward facing & on "bringing in deals" or building the community.  We are product agnostic & completely geared to do the heavy lifting on strategy, full online/traditional marketing, through to lead generation & global expansion rollouts.

With our blended method that combine best practices with experimentation, we can capitalise rather well on opportunities – as they present themselves. Whether it's through leveraging brand content online; opening doors in foreign lands; or seeding guerrilla style product launches; we've got it!

The kinds of ventures we work on go from "validating that great idea in the market for Angel Investors" – where we might work together for 6 months; through to expanding established businesses, globally – where we'd hand over all market learnings, actions & deals to the new country director of sales (usually 6-18months). HANGAR49 is a medium term play:  we bring value to ventures needing quick action in sales. Once teams are ready, we help the transition & hand over all sales work.

We are: structured, measured & scalable. And so are our results. We've done this many times & we've done this a long time.



Web to sales


 Customer hunter


Market opener

Plan Calendar

Online ads

Social Media



Landing pages




2 pieces

4 pieces

6 pieces


Manage ePR

Press Kits

Leads (calls)

Farm relations




10 hours

20 hours

Lead research

Leads (in person)

Create Intros

Global  represent.

Event networking

Sales support (Intl)





10 hours

1 week


Add: research

Add: sales strat

Add: market. stat

Add:  decks

Add:  events

Add: trad. PR 





System Setup

Top-level research


Monthly report

Month to month 


1 hour

2 hours

4 hours



LITE  –  harness the power of web smartly to get recognition :

  • Pilot phase: cost effective way to wrangle interested parties

  • Holding pattern: keep growing your brand even under limited cash conditions

  • Support Sales Team: cost effective way for you to acquire new customers

ACTIVE  –  bring the right people closer with a targeted hit-list to prospect :

  • Launch: build a strategic invite list for your kick-off events – shape pipeline from day 1

  • Grow footprint: scalable ways to increase your capacity and sell to new audiences

  • Campaigns: mobilise your established users and create lasting memories

PRO  –  ramp up deal flow via aggressive pursuit of local or remote opportunities :

  • Try new markets: test markets without disrupting your business engine

  • Strong global expansion: via vis-á-vis professional sales representation anywhere

  • Meet investor revenue milestones: realize all gates and goals with our 360º take on sales

CUSTOMIZATION  –  a deeper support to making sales teams rockstars :

  • Set yourself apart: create experiences your users and the public won't forget

  • Validate deliverables: map sales strategy to your product rollout and attain targets

  • At fundraising: aggressively drive your revenues to ramp valuation


  • Marketing CMS $400pm
  • Sales CRM $50pm
  • Advertising cost starts at $100/channel [A-B test to scale]
  • Photography/Design works: $40/hr
  • Video work: $200-1000/clip
  • Creative library assets $100/each
  • Translations $40/hr
  • Remote work (VISAs / flights / accommodation / per diem)
  • Event costs
  • Research: buy curated databases – $1000
  • Website $1000-5000 (eCommerce complexity)


New York
New Lab, 63 Flushing Avenue, 
Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn
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Tel Aviv
Maze 9, 9 Rechov Maze,
Tel Aviv, Israel
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Cape Town
Cape Town Office,
62 Roeland Street,
Cape Town, South Africa
+27 87 231 0143