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HANGAR49 is a business development company.  We partner with venture teams to help take their products to market.  Our focus is outward facing & on "bringing in deals" or building the community.  We are product agnostic & completely geared to do the heavy lifting on strategy, full online/traditional marketing, through to lead generation & global expansion rollouts.

With our blended method that combine best practices with experimentation, we can capitalise rather well on opportunities – as they present themselves. Whether it's through leveraging brand content online; opening doors in foreign lands; or seeding guerrilla style product launches; we've got it!

The kinds of ventures we work on go from "validating that great idea in the market for Angel Investors" – where we might work together for 6 months; through to expanding established businesses, globally – where we'd hand over all market learnings, actions & deals to the new country director of sales (usually 6-18months). HANGAR49 is a medium term play:  we bring value to ventures needing quick action in sales. Once teams are ready, we help the transition & hand over all sales work.

We are: structured, measured & scalable. And so are our results. We've done this many times & we've done this a long time.

TEAMHANGAR: veterans at building & taking young ventures global



Head of Sales

Alon is a connector, he's spent many years at the coalface crossing the globe growing early stage ventures, navigating go-to-market.  "The reality is that smart people form teams, build great stuff, and fail. They fail because everyone's caught up in 'the widget', not getting the widget 'out there' and billed." We found HANGAR49 to support ventures' limited capacity to: get ideas out there, make them money & helps them grow.

Alon's passionate about relevant, scalable innovation.  His favorite project was unlocking a deal to rollout the 3rd largest trade publisher across developing markets. Deal size was 50x  average ticket.


Head of Marketing & Sales Strategy

Mariska is passionate about products and how they impact people.  Her view to building marketing strategy is simple: understand what drives people, the rest will fall into place.  Mariska has managed global key accounts.

Her most exciting role was working on the rapid expansion across Africa for Mxit. "We were marching across Africa like Rockstars – it was glorious."


Head of Lead Generation

Lizzy has spent all of her professional life opening doors for companies.  She's rallied the troops across the globe, and then again. 

Lizelle's favourite client was a year long retainer for a Scottish energy brand in the UK. "There were no rules. We were the challenger and had to get results. We hit 28% growth in year 1."

* note: Lizelle corrects anyone referring to her team as 'call centre operators'. They are specialists in enterprise-level lead generating. "We're smart. We're tenacious. There is no 'script'. We get you into places and talking to the right people who are interested."


Digital Marketeer & Project Manager

Andrew prides himself on his ability to position that kick-ass differentiator to set clients apart from the mundane. "Who wants to keep up with the Jones' when you can disrupt and break boundaries."

Andrew loves both visual and written communication; and over the years – contributing to the media and ICT industries – his rad'est project was for Dermalogica on multiple media platforms. It married a global brand with multiple demographic groups across 4 publications.  Campaign drew 150,000 users in two week – a huge success by all accounts.


Online Ad Spend Engineer

Hailing from Germany, Klaus focuses on converting LIKE's into action. He's extremely good at this & spends his life dedicated to understanding how to hack systems. From launching products to passive incomes he knows how to get results. He's currently running tests on Chinese systems (Baidu and Alibaba).

Klaus' favourite story is "I used to have a corporate job, but then I got good at online ads. I don't have a corporate job anymore".


Mr Hardy
Guerrilla Marketeer

Hardy is experiential. His team takes multinationals into the homes and playgrounds of the new market. He's expert at creating lasting memories that achieve outcomes; and he's a fine storyteller.  Regardless of the project, you can be assured that Mr H will have the best tunes for the occasion (#audiophile).

Hardy's most exciting project packaged a tour for a German sports brand's R&D team across Africa. They showed the brand how their customers actually respond to their merchandise. The client is currently in the studio responding to these learnings.


Creative Maverick

Trained in NYC, and with 18 years of experience in cross media-creation, Anusha’s ability to create high-value, high-impact visual stories at any budget is formidable. She's a bit obsessed with technology, and always knows what's hot, what works and how to hack workarounds – i.e. She's able to elegantly distribute a message across all media modes and get awesome results.

Her latest piece, The Watcher On Signal Hill is currently in post-production, and headed to the international short film festival circuit. The Sum Of His Parts (stop-motion short), was featured in the 2010 Out Of The Box: Moving Things Festival.


Research, Content & Storyteller

As a trained research writer, Erica has seen; read up on and scribed many realities – from the naff to the tragic. She's worked on teams focused on telling stories like they are, with writing that piques interest, gets recognition and can be easily converted for different platforms.

When not scratching out words, Erica works for an advocacy organisation to promote access to internet governance. She wants the world to change, word by word by word!


Graphic Design Producer 

Charlene, is a UX professional who loves hardware and packaging. Charlene has supported the team since Day 1 with everything from giving written content a shape and colour; through to novel branding widgets for experiential events. Her contribution has been pivotal to our success. "I love to package ideas and things just need to get done so we can move onto the next challenge".

Charlene's most proud project is her son who loves to hang out, or go for beach walks with mom and dad.



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