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HANGAR49 is a business development company.  We partner with venture teams to help take their products to market.  Our focus is outward facing & on "bringing in deals" or building the community.  We are product agnostic & completely geared to do the heavy lifting on strategy, full online/traditional marketing, through to lead generation & global expansion rollouts.

With our blended method that combine best practices with experimentation, we can capitalise rather well on opportunities – as they present themselves. Whether it's through leveraging brand content online; opening doors in foreign lands; or seeding guerrilla style product launches; we've got it!

The kinds of ventures we work on go from "validating that great idea in the market for Angel Investors" – where we might work together for 6 months; through to expanding established businesses, globally – where we'd hand over all market learnings, actions & deals to the new country director of sales (usually 6-18months). HANGAR49 is a medium term play:  we bring value to ventures needing quick action in sales. Once teams are ready, we help the transition & hand over all sales work.

We are: structured, measured & scalable. And so are our results. We've done this many times & we've done this a long time.

Real adventurers are always assisted. That's why we support at all points of business maturity

We work with clients on business development needs at all points of business cycle, from earliest prototyping stages right the way through to rapid growth expansion phases.

As clients develop, so do we. HANGAR49 is built on lean principles to ensure where we're not automated we're immediately responsive.  Our goal is to meet your most immediate needs on the route to getting you there.

And like good journeys, when you get there, our job is complete.  Once ventures are validated and they build their own army, we hand over what we have, train the team and step away. 

Here's how we can support you:


MARKETING  –  harness the power of the web to get the right recognition

  • Pilot phases: we increased a niche social network mobile app client's pre-release signup rate by 310% in one month

  • Holding pattern: an online "what's hot" magazine was between funding round with limited cash, but needed to maintain reach. We repurposed content and rsyndicated it. Readership increased 9% over a quarter.

  • Support Sales Team: our digital efforts supported a high-end design engineering client's one man sales team. With us they experienced 3x as many inbound leads.

LEAD GENERATION  –  bring the right people closer with a targeted hit-list to prospect

  • Launch: prior to launch we steered a 23% month-on-month beta user growth for an events community app. Between our network and tenacity, we convinced complimenting brands to come aboard. Brought 100 VIPs to the urban-art-style launch. Client had an active users from day one.

  • Grow footprint: we made a video for one 3D Shape Design client, through visually explaining their value proposition we impacted bottomline 13% almost overnight. Long-term results are still coming in.

  • Campaigns: to support the KICKSTARTER  we developed for an Internet of Things (IoT) client. We worked with an experiential events team on a teasure hunt to show-case the device. We invited the right participants. KICKSTARTER contributions quadrupled.



REPRESENTATION  –  ramp up deal flow via aggressive pursuit of local or remote opportunities

  • Try new markets: over 1.5years we independently headed up US expansion for an African digital distribution Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Through face-to-face efforts we built a relevant network. We also made inroad conversations with decision makers to secure deals – the largest: 50x average ticket price with one multinational.

  • Strong global expansion: We represented a technology agency founded in the UK to expand in Hong Kong and China. In 10 days we attended 3 fairs, took appointments with 8 potential clients. Moved 6 to next stages and 4 converted into projects.

  • Meet investor revenue milestones: We were reunited with an ex-client who brilliantly outgrew our services. We were tasked to open the Kenyan market to compete with a local business process outsourcing company (BPO). Our client is in discussions to acquire the incumbent BPO.

ADD-ONs  –  deeper support to make your sales teams rockstars

  • Experiential: we created a launch event for a location services app (our client) in conjunction with the launch of vehicle (not our client). The crossover opportunity generated 47% more leads for both parties due to shared energies.

  • Design deliverables: we're often tasked to build sales and marketing strategies that compliment product rollout. In achieving this we build a plan for a tangible lifestyle product based in NYC that was stagnating. We grew sales 3x.

  • At fundraising: we've been around early stage ventures enough to know it's not only revenues and plans that dictate valuations, but also the story. For a SaaS/mobile client we kept our lead generation team at full steam, while our senior team worked with clients to assemble the investor deck and supporting docs. They raised $1.1m.


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