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HANGAR49 is a business development company.  We partner with venture teams to help take their products to market.  Our focus is outward facing & on "bringing in deals" or building the community.  We are product agnostic & completely geared to do the heavy lifting on strategy, full online/traditional marketing, through to lead generation & global expansion rollouts.

With our blended method that combine best practices with experimentation, we can capitalise rather well on opportunities – as they present themselves. Whether it's through leveraging brand content online; opening doors in foreign lands; or seeding guerrilla style product launches; we've got it!

The kinds of ventures we work on go from "validating that great idea in the market for Angel Investors" – where we might work together for 6 months; through to expanding established businesses, globally – where we'd hand over all market learnings, actions & deals to the new country director of sales (usually 6-18months). HANGAR49 is a medium term play:  we bring value to ventures needing quick action in sales. Once teams are ready, we help the transition & hand over all sales work.

We are: structured, measured & scalable. And so are our results. We've done this many times & we've done this a long time.

HANGAR49 partners with ventures to build them network & get them deals

It's just incredibly difficult to get people to care about any new product; regardless of how innovative it is. HANGAR49 exists for this very reason. 

We are business development professionals who partner with venture teams to take their products to market while growing their social communities and sales numbers.  

We cut through the BS to validate businesses, at any stage, and make them money.

We are product agnostic and completely geared to do the heavy lifting on: strategy, digital/traditional marketing, lead generation and global expansion rollouts. With a portfolio of clients spanning those that are "justifying great ideas/teams in the market for angel investors" through to programmes "expanding established business, globally," we get results.

HANGAR49 is:

  • a team of established professionals to provide mid-term, scalable solutions that impact sales, today
  • best practices focused & as a result, have nailed sales increases of as much as 3x in 2 months
  • a more intelligent way to cover more of the market because we are a lean expert SWAT team
  • immediate to turn on & off – so you'll never be locked into scary contracts
  • the easiest and most cost efficient way to access foreign deals

HANGAR49 will get you noticed in the crowd, get you the right conversations (with the right people), and get you more paying customers, anywhere.


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New York
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Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn
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Cape Town
Cape Town Office,
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Cape Town, South Africa
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