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HANGAR49 is a business development company.  We partner with venture teams to help take their products to market.  Our focus is outward facing & on "bringing in deals" or building the community.  We are product agnostic & completely geared to do the heavy lifting on strategy, full online/traditional marketing, through to lead generation & global expansion rollouts.

With our blended method that combine best practices with experimentation, we can capitalise rather well on opportunities – as they present themselves. Whether it's through leveraging brand content online; opening doors in foreign lands; or seeding guerrilla style product launches; we've got it!

The kinds of ventures we work on go from "validating that great idea in the market for Angel Investors" – where we might work together for 6 months; through to expanding established businesses, globally – where we'd hand over all market learnings, actions & deals to the new country director of sales (usually 6-18months). HANGAR49 is a medium term play:  we bring value to ventures needing quick action in sales. Once teams are ready, we help the transition & hand over all sales work.

We are: structured, measured & scalable. And so are our results. We've done this many times & we've done this a long time.

We support great teams to get great results: you focus on spending time where it counts. We'll focus on opening doors

Our solution has been refined to deliver great outcomes using the best of team, timing, methods and tools.  

  • the MARKETING package introduces you to the market and capitalises on inbound interest. 
  • LEAD GENERATION chases down identified targets.  We get close to decision-makersand learn what motivates action.
  • REPRESENTATION aggressively grows sales via in person action, at home or abroad.  We represent, network, take meetings and even present on behalf of your team, anywhere.

We build your capacity – so you can hit more of the market – without needing to own, manage or maintain resources:


Plan Calendar – define KPIs & rollout
Content: Written/Video – 4-8pieces
Content Repurpose – short/long form
Press Kit & PR – get publicity you need
Content Library – collect market trend
Mailers – send content to customers
Landing Pages – win customer sign-on
Kickstarters – pre-sell & get known
Social Media – viral growth from shares
Online Ads – perfect retargeting
SEO – great ranking from AdWords, etc.
Design – artfully designed presence
Research – 8hr (validate positioning)

Training – make your team rockstars
Strategy – build the model with you
Research – more on trends & competitors
Experiential Events – create memories


Plan Calendar – define KPIs & rollout
Research – 8hrs (to curate target list)
Form Dialogue – we get what you need
Calls: New Leads – 10-20hr
Calls: Old Leads – 10-20hr
Lead Push – automated push to sales

Training – get your team getting deals
Strategy – especially for new markets
Research – find more & go deeper


Plan Calendar – define KPIs & rollout
Research – 8hr (learn market & targets)
Daily check-ins – extend sales force
Call: Setup meetings – arrange times
Events – ±7day (global representation)
Meetings – ±7day (global representation)
Business Cards – capture for funnel
Support on Calls – tag-team deals
Our Network – access global people

Training – build up enterprise sales team
Strategy – especially for new markets
Decks – build for pitches & presentations

Convert web to sales:
Cover more of the market:
Search for customers:

System Setup – at no extra cost
Analytics – full access 24hrs
Monthly Reports – we present updates
Month-2-Month – start/stop anytime
Prepaid Billing – easy & defined cost


New York
New Lab, 63 Flushing Avenue, 
Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn
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Tel Aviv
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Tel Aviv, Israel
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Cape Town
Cape Town Office,
62 Roeland Street,
Cape Town, South Africa
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